A boutique hotel in continental Europe had recently completed a “rebranding” in an effort to gain younger clients and entice them to spend more money on food and drinks at its signature restaurant and poolside bar. The rebranding was actually a redesign of its interior spaces, bar/restaurant and pool as well as a refresh of the hotel’s visual identity. While it looked good it did not bring in any substantial number of new customers. It did not succeed in making the poolside bar a nightlife favorite either.



BRAND(x)LUX expanded the work that had already been done in modernizing the hotel’s visual identity. We researched the local competitors, profiled the ideal customer and, searched for unique connections the hotel had to local cuisine. We discovered that the chef’s dedication to organic gardens and her quest to revive authentic local dishes paired with exceptional wines remained unknown. These initiatives continued unorganized, unknown, and absent from the hotel’s current communications. We also realized that the reason the hotel had been built in the first place was to provide young culinary professionals easy access to the region’s most legendary cooking authority and renowned author. BRAND(x)LUX organized a series of “historic tours” through the property and launched a strategic media campaign to appeal to those who like a relaxed night life and enjoy surprises. The latter was the result of a new partnership the hotel owner formed with local wineries. We orchestrated the opportunity to design surprise menus that were thematically structured around a specific local personality, place, or dish. The wineries were more than happy to rise to the challenge of providing the best type of wine to match the theme.


Our work shifted the meaning of rebranding away from a purely visual redesign to a complete re-do of the hotel’s operations and partnerships. The poolside bar and restaurant continue to bring in revenues that far exceed the hotel’s seasonal room capacity.