A global design studio known for exceptionally innovative thinking and impeccable attention to engineering details had been well known in design circles. The studio had received numerous design awards but had trouble convincing its clients to pay the price that such high caliber work deserved.



We looked at the studio’s entire production and discovered that they had often produced visionary work that set industry standards. We guided them in redesigning their business model and invest more of their time in products that address the end consumer. We also helped them re-organize their operations to move away from a traditional corporate structure and closer to an agile design studio in which everyone “owns” the work done and becomes more visible in the process. Finally, we helped them articulate their own brand identity and express it clearly in words, visual collateral, and work pursued. In other words, we advised them to avoid certain projects and clients.



Declining clients that create profit losses was already a major step in reclaiming the studio’s financial stability. Internal cultural changes led to partners assuming responsibility for targeted business development and took pride in their work. The studio is highly profitable, continues to collect industry honors and has become a major player in product design with a well-recognized brand.