A luxury textile manufacturer servicing the interior design industry had always been known for exceptional service and great quality product. Family owned, the business had been very successful since the beginning (1950s) and became a well respected high-end brand with a growing following all through the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, second-generation family members manage the business. They are passionate about their product but had been losing market share rapidly in the last five years.


Rather than expanding in new markets for the first time, which was what management had been contemplating, BRAND(x)LUX conducted an existing market and brand analysis to ascertain the strengths of the brand and identify market areas not served adequately. Customers loved the brand and the service and would rather buy from this business but felt that the product, while always of great quality, did not address contemporary taste.

BRAND(x)LUX ran the CUI Index and conducted a deep dive creative assessment to uncover which brand elements had been forgotten or underutilized.  


It turned out that the company had preserved a vast archive of early designs. These were assessed based on current market trends. The manufacturer was able to return to several of the earlier product designs to get inspiration for more contemporary work.

Additionally, BRAND(x)LUX worked on articulating the foundations of the brand in language that lends itself to slight adjustments as culture evolves. With the pillars of the brand well defined and its DNA firmly expressed, this company regained its customers’ loyalty and business. It is now well equipped to continue evolving along with its customers for several years into the future.