Here are the fundamentals of how the BRAND(x)LUX methodology can be applied to your brand:

* Brand Analysis:

If you are unsure whether your brand's voice is heard beyond your existing customers, you probably need to clarify which "voices" are winning in the competitive landscape. A variety of frameworks used will identify a few approaches that will help your brand resonate, clearly and confidently.

* Brand Analysis CUI:

BRAND(x)LUX's exclusive, groundbreaking framework that will benchmark your brand against some of the most timeless brands that continue to make waves with every product, experience, or message. It is not just about emotions... what is it then? Click here to find out.

* Brand Activation:

This is designed to connect you to your customers (existing and new) through strategies that will ignite new passion in this relationship.   

* Brand Concept:

Many business owners and executives often confuse the business with the brand. The business exists (you are there!) but does it have a brand? 

Let us articulate a brand story that is original, memorable, and authentic to your mission. Or let us re-tell the story that worked for a while but somehow has drifted away from what your business stands for. 

* Research:

BRAND(x)LUX can conduct any type of research that relates to competitors, future trends within your industry, and global markets. We will be happy to design the research study that is appropriate for your particular challenges.

* Strategy Coaching:

We selectively engage with clients who need strategy coaching on a regular basis. Is this for you? If you are looking for an informed outside perspective to guide you to the best next move, we will be happy to discuss the details with you.

* Strategy Day Power Up:

A day-long innovative strategy workshop that will have you (and your brand) totally energized. 

Strategy Power Up 2x:

A two-day strategy workshop designed to send you back to work with ideas and several scenarios that you will be able to explore immediately.

* Strategy Power Up 4x:

A four-day strategy workshop designed to send you back to work with ideas and a concrete plan ready for execution.

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